What Are Payment Processing Integrations?

Integrations are the method by which your merchant account connects to your business. For example, for E-Commerce businesses it’s a small piece of software that is the bridge between your payment processor and your online store. For a brick and mortar store, it’s connecting your POS software, such as Vend.

Do I need an Integration?

Most likely you’ll need some kind of connection between your merchant account and your business. Most are pretty easy and if you have a “web guy/girl” on your team they can connect the dots with some simple instruction. We also have development partners who specialize in integrations between most payment accounts and Woocommerce, Shopify and BIGCommerce stores who can manage the integration for you in about an hour.

For Enterprise or high-risk clients, there can often be a need for a more technical integration and our development partners can manage that for you.

What Kind of Payment Processing Integration Will I need?

If you have an E-Commerce store you’ll need a simple plugin, typically using NMI or Authorize.net.


Some integrations, such as POS software, need an API. It’s a bit more technical and you’d some need  assistance.


If you are a high-risk vendor, you may wish to look at PCI-compliant vault systems

We can setup your anti-fraud and chargeback protection settings

Three different implementation methods for a customizable solution

Some E-Commerce plugins will need to be updated from time to time. Speak to your developer, or contact us to be connected with our development team

Three different interface options

Control the look and feel of your integration.


  • Reactive, mobile-friendly pop-up window
  • We provide the full UI
  • No control of size or placement
  • No control of UI elements

URL Page

  • Traditional iFrame
  • Control of placement
  • We provide the full UI

Form fields

  • Individual iFrames for each payment form field
  • Full control of placement
  • Full UI/UX control
  • We provide the form fields, but no further UI
  • Support for custom back-end HTML/CSS

Online Checkouts that are smooth and seamless

  • Let’s test your checkout to make sure it’s fast and secure
  • We can assist with PCI compliance surveys
  • We’ll make sure your online store runs smooth from landing to Thank You page.

Fast Checkout Checker

Our development team can run speed tests on your E-Commerce site. Slow load times can kill your sales. We’ll help get your site running top-speed.

PCI Compliance

All our merchant account solutions are PCI Compliant. This means they follow all the security and encryption protocols devised by the credit card brands. We’ll make sure your business or E-Commerce site is PCI compliant, too.

Plugin Customizations

Our development partners can usually make modifications or customizations to payment gateway plugins. We can even create a custom plugin or PCI compliant Vault from scratch for more unique business needs.

E-Commerce Websites

Maybe we started talking payments before you even have an E-Commerce website! Depending on your business, there may be no more important decision you can make than the platform your website is built on. It’ll even help guide which payment gateway or merchant account solution is chosen for your company.

The most common E-Commerce options are Woocommerce and Shopify – we’ll tell you what we recommend, and why. And if you need  an E-Commerce web developer, we’ve got some of the most trusted developers in our Rolodex. We’ll make sure your online store and your payment processor are blended seamlessly.

High Risk E-Commerce Websites

High-risk payment processing is required for the “usual suspects” – the businesses you might assume carry a higher risk such as gaming, gambling, adult and weapons. But did you know that travel, tech support and supplements businesses can be considered high risk too. 

Plus there’s a whole new business segment – CBD, hemp, and Ancillary Cannabis Businesses – and all of the businesses that provide goods and services to the companies listed above. That can include CBD packaging companies, support services and any company providing services to those industries – even if you “don’t touch the plant.

If you think your business may be considered “medium” or “high-risk”, you’ll need specialized processing. If you try to use Square, PayPal or Stripe you can often get shut down, blacklisted and have your funds held for 6 months or more. 

Contact us for a Free Risk Profile Review – if you’re medium or high risk, don’t worry – we have payment processing solutions for you too.