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    Most merchant accounts can be approved on the same day. Some, a little bit longer depending on the complexity of your business. But if you get started on an application right now, you could be done and taking payments before happy hour!

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    Low Risk and High Risk

    Does your business provide goods and services or to or exist in the high risk space? We can support most high risk verticals like CBD, ancillary cannabis businesses, supplements and more. Not sure if your business is considered “high risk?” Contact us for a Risk Profile Analysis.

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    • POS Integrations

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    Low Cost Merchant Accounts

    Every penny adds up, especially at volume. That’s why we’ll work hard to ensure we can give you the lowest possible rate for your merchant account. Whether you’re a small business or large e-Commerce retailer we’ll make sure your rates are the best you can find.

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    Are You A High Risk Merchant?

    Free Risk Profile Analysis

    Thousands of businesses now support the hemp and cannabis industries, but did you know that even if you don’t “touch the plant” you may still be considered a medium or high risk business  and may need specialised payment processing? From printers, to packaging companies, suppliers to support services you need to know where you stand. class.

    Contact us for a Risk Profile Review!

    • Tell us about your business
    • We’ll tell you if you need something special

    Long-term Relationships and “No Surprise” Pricing 

    • Clean, clear communication so you understand your rates.
    • We’re always on the lookout for more competitive pricing. If we find a better rate for your business, you’ll be the first to know.
    • We want your business to succeed so we take a vested interest in your success. Keeping your rates low will benefit us both in the long run.
    • Life is short and your time and business are precious. We’ll keep your processing up and running and at the rates you expected so you can focus on the day-to-day operations with no payment-processing games or hassles.

    High Tech Payments, FinTech Solutions, Business Integrations

    Cryptocurrency Connections

    It’s 2020 and your business can have unique technical requirements and geographical setup. That’s why our partners can integrate cryptocurrency and alternative payment gateways into your website. 

    OuR Business Network

    We’ve got a worldwide network of banks as well as Fintech and next-gen payment processing partners that are continually improving the credit card space. Technology, AI and 5G are coming to your merchant account soon.

    PCI Compliance Review

    Once a year, you may get a “PCI Compliance Review” – ie from Clover. It’s difficult if you don’t know how to do it. Hire our dev partners for an hour or two. They’ll check your settings and get you marked as “Compliant!”


    We can assist in integrating your new payment solution in your website (or vice versa). We’ll also make sure that we fully understand your systems before we recommend a new solution. Everything will play together nicely.